PBLC TRDE is a multi BRAND showroom focused on building MENSWEAR IN A PREMIUM MARKETPLACE.


401 BROADWAY suite- 2001 FL, NYC, NY 10013


Tel : +1 212-695-2722
Email : HELLO@pblctrdENY.COM

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Founded as Indigo Showroom in 2009, the agency created PBLC TRDE NY iN 2012 to focus solely on menswear. Since then, PBLC TRDE's successful management for some of the industry's most exciting brands has allowed us to secure a strong standing in the menswear community worldwide. 

PBLC TRDE is recognized by retailers from London and Hong Kong to New York, Paris and Los Angeles for our ability to find and support viable, exciting and niche brands. 

We continue to build strong distribution channels for clients who value our ability to break from the norms of wholesale trade, and we remain committed to maintaining the highest brand integrity and sales growth for them from a solid foundation to a strong market presence in the future. 

We are proud to work with the most talented, emerging brands in the marketplace today.